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VYB | Nano-Filtered Alkaline Water

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Alkaline Water has a pH of up to 9.5 and hence more hydrogen as compared to any RO/Mineral Water. Our nanofiltration and ultrafiltration process helps us retain natural minerals in water as compared to reverse osmosis which makes water demineralized and dead water as claimed by WHO. We at VYB Beverages use 4th Generation Patented Technology based out of Taiwan which works on MLRD (membrane less round disc technology) for ionisation enabling us to make more concentration of active H2 at drinking levels (8.5,9,9.5 pH ).

This makes VYB Alkaline water healthy than from other brands which are either using conventional methods or outdated technology for making Alkaline water. Also Nano-filteration of water helps us retain the natural minerals which otherwise are not present in RO Packaged Water and helps in bringing down the wastage of water in production process thus helping in the GO Green Initiative. Many western countries like Korea, Japan, USA, UK and many more have already started consuming alkaline water due to its enormous health benefits. VYB Alkaline Water has a pH upto 9.5 and is powered with active H2 which acts as an antioxidant. 


Why Love It?

☻ Processed naturally with no chemicals

☻ A high pH of upto 9.5 helps fight acidity

☻ Excellent for skin health

☻ Rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium 

☻ Great for boosting immunity and taking care of your digestive system


This is a Vegetarian Product.

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