Voll Sante - Muesli with DHA

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Originally known in Swiss German as Muesli, which means ‘mixture’, this is a highly popular vegetarian health food in western countries relished as breakfast, brunch and supper for daily nutrition and energy!

MULTI GRAINS FOR MULTI GAINS Move on from Single-Grain flakes to Multi-Grain flakes for nutrient-rich diet Never Compromise on your Health & Fitness. Always go for Nutrient-dense & energy-dense foods for Full Health.



Weight: 325g 


Ingredients: Multigrain flakes (79%) { Corn flakes (24%), Wheat flakes (22%), Rolled Oats(20%), Barley flakes (7%), Rice flakes (6%)}, Dried fruits and Nuts (10.5%) {Dehydrated mixed fruits (4.5%), Almonds (3%), Raisins (3%)}, Jaggery (4%), Honey (3%), Malt Extract (2%), Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) Vitamins, Antioxidants ( INS 306 & INS 322).


Why Love It?

 Ideal for all health and fitness conscious people who want to adopt healthy food & snacking habits and lifestyle

☻ Voll Sante 1st Crunchy Muesli with DHA, Almonds, Raisins & Honey offers the goodness of the age old swiss style muesli with crunchy oat clusters and the choicest of inclusions

☻ The minerals and vitamins present in this Muesli can provide CV, brain, eye and nervous system and overall functioning of the body benefits

☻ It consists of Zero cholesterol & trans fat, hence can be helpful for the heart health and may keep several heart disorders at bay.

☻ No Added Sugar: It does not contain sugar at all, however the only sugar it contains is that of grains, fruits and nuts which is naturally present in them.

☻ Being a rich source of dietary fibre, it promotes satiety and reduces hunger pangs, thus helping in weight loss. It is also a fulfilling breakfast food to kick-start your day and keeps you active throughout.


This is a Vegetarian Product.

Voll Sante - Muesli with DHA

Rs. 250.00
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