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Sacred Forest | Frispies | Fiery Mango

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The king of fruits - mangoes are indeed the most magnificent of them all. Luxurious, luscious and absolute love! And oh! Restricted to summers!!! Ask any mango lover (and since you're reading this, we're assuming you're one), they'd kill to be able to lay their hands on this fruit all year round. Sure, there are mango flavoured candies and drinks but nothing beats the glorious taste of real mango. And our Mango Frispies are just that. Perfectly diced mango pieces that melt in your mouth leaving behind a tropical burst of flavours. And like we said before, Frispies aren't mango flavoured bites or treats made from mango, they are real mango. And only mango.


Weight: 20g


Why Love It?

☻ Instant energy-boost

☻ Excellent anti-oxidant

☻ Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

☻ Zero Added Sugar


This is a Vegetarian Product.

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