Sacred Forest | Frispies | Classic Pineapple

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Pineapples are known for their particular flavour, a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. Their crispiness is undeniable, but no matter how exotic and Hawaiian they look, there's nothing relaxing about having to peel through the thorns to get to the fruit. But what if we told you the thorns were taken care of? Now, for a bright burst of flavour and nutrition, you just have to open a packet of Pineapple Frispies rather than carve your way through a prickly shell.

From boosting bone health to suppressing inflammation and speeding recovery, pineapples can do it all. They reduce the risk of arthritis and speed the natural healing of body tissues. The bromelain in pineapple reduces inflammation and minimises oxidative stress in the body. The antioxidants in pineapple may help suppress cancer and promote immunity against viral infections. They are especially helpful for digestion - not only do pineapples contain digestive fibre but also the enzymes in them aid the breakdown of complex proteins.

And oh, if you thought that snacking on pineapples was only for "healthy" reasons but the foodie in you can't stop thinking of relishing some spicy, crispies instead - hold that thought! We have you covered. 


Weight: 16g


Why Love It?

☻ Instant energy-boost

☻ Excellent anti-inflammatory properties

☻ Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

☻ Zero Added Sugar


This is a Vegetarian Product.

Sacred Forest | Frispies | Classic Pineapple

Rs. 150.00
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