Sacred Forest |Frispies |Classic Banana

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The all rounder fruit that is available all year round. Sure, we almost always have a stock of bananas at home, but don't we (unfortunately) also have enough experience of the fleshy fruit going from a happy yellow to a sad, gooey brown-black colour and it's fresh fruity aroma turning into a stale odour quicker than we'd like?! Now, with Banana Frispies, that issue is completely taken care of. Our packet of Banana Frispies comes with the rich aroma of the fruit, a perfect crunchy, creamy texture and full of all the natural goodness of the wholesome fruit. And truly, what a wholesome fruit. While the sugars in banana boast of quick and intense energy boosts, the pectin and resistant starch help moderate blood sugar levels.


Weight: 20g


Why Love It?

☻ Instant energy-boost

☻ Moderates blood sugar levels

☻ Rich in Potassium and Magnesium

☻ Zero Added Sugar

☻ Bananas naturally reduce exercise related muscle cramps and soreness


This is a Vegetarian Product.

Sacred Forest |Frispies |Classic Banana

Rs. 120.00
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