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How many times do we need something hydrating and energising to drink? And we opt for carbonated drinks full of empty calories. In spite of knowing it's not the best for our health, we pick that bottle for its convenience, the assured taste and refreshment. Sacred Forest brings you an age old Natural Recharge in a revolutionary way. Instant hydration, great taste and a vibrant refreshment - with a nutritive edge!

Tender coconut water is nature's power drink. The clear, tasty water in a green, tender coconut has been known for centuries for its refreshing boost and instant energy. And yet, it brings with it a cooling, soothing aura. What if we told you, you could enjoy this anytime, anywhere. Sacred Forest's coconut water powder is a cost-effective and convenient solution. It is nutrition-dense, as any natural coconut water should be. Mix one spoon (12gms) of CocoNectar with a 200ml water to enjoy the tropical taste of this eternal fruit.

Sacred Forest's tender coconut water powder is derived from the best coconuts from the dense greeneries of Kerala. Picked in its most optimal form, we strive to keep the nutritive value untouched while reducing the clear water to a powder form. Rich in enzymes, amino acids and electrolytes, our coconut water powder is further fortified with vital electrolytes such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and sodium. Completely natural, with no artificial preservatives, flavours or food colours, the authentic taste of Coconut water is captured for you to access anytime and anywhere. Help your body recover the minerals and energy lost during your hectic schedule. Add it to water to create a 💯 natural tender water coconut or blend it with other ingredients to make smoothies, juices, mocktails, cocktails etc. Grab a pack of Sacred Forest's CocoNectar and let us know how you used it to boost your day.


Weight: 120g (10 Glasses)


Why Love It?

☻ Instant hydration and energy boost

☻ Rich in enzymes, amino acids and electrolytes

☻ Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

☻ Zero Added Sugar


This is a Vegetarian Product.

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