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Fit and Flex - Granola - Oat-Rich Breakfast Cereal with Real Fruits - Variety Pack of 6

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Refreshingly fruity and packed with the goodness of multigrain granola, this Variety Pack of 6 contains delightful flavours to kick start to your mornings! 


Pack Contents:

  • Fit & Flex Crunchy Granola - Happy Berries (25g) x 2 packets
  • Fit & Flex Crunchy Granola - Mango Coconut (25g) x 2 packets
  • Fit & Flex Crunchy Granola - Mixed Fruit (25g) x 2 packets

Ingredients: Rolled Oats(32.9%),FOS(9.5%),Rice Flour(9.3%),Wheat Flour(7.6%),Palm Kernel Oil(6.1%),Sugar(4.2g),Maze Grits, Maltodextrin, Almond Flakes(3%),Tender Coconut Powder,Coconut Milk Powder,Candied Fruits(Cranberry 3.7%,Blueberry 3.7%),Freeze Dried Fruits(Strawberry 3%),Salt, Sodium Citrate(INS 331),Glycerin(INS 422),Citric Acid (INS 330),Tocopherol(INS 307),CONTAINS ADDED NATURE IDENTICAL ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES(MIX BERRIES AND TENDER COCONUT)


How To Use:

As a crunchy snack
As a peanut butter ball
Sprinkled over yogurt
With a drop of honey
By adding hot or cold milk
As a homemade granola bar
During Workout with Milkshakes
As Ice Cream Toppings
Sprinkled over Porridge and Salads 


Why Love It?

☻ Certified Organic

☻ Good Source of Fibre, Potassium and Anti-Oxidants

☻ Rich in Calcium

☻ Ideal for Instant Energy

☻ Strengthens The Immune System 

☻ Rich in Vitamin A & C

☻ Naturally Cholesterol Free

☻ 360 Degree Baked through Proprietary baking techniques


This is a Vegetarian Product.














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Additional Information

25g x 6 packs