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Fab Box - Sugarfree Power Mix

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Buying and mixing all different nuts is a huge task and requires too much time… don't worry, we have done all that hard work for you! Start your morning with a good old classic mix of plain nuts and power your way through the day.

Perfect for those suffering from obesity and diabetes on account of its natural low carb content and no added flavours!


Weight: 70g


Why Love It?

☻ Chickpeas (chana) are very rich source of protein essential for muscle development.

☻ Almonds - Excellent source of MUFA & PUFA (essential good fats) which lowers risk of heart disease.

☻ Cashews give you a great dose of iron which helps to maintain haemoglobin levels in blood.

☻ Raisins are essential for warding off anaemia and excellent for diabetics.

☻ Dates are very rich in anti-oxidants which have cancer-preventing properties.


This is a Vegetarian Product.

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