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Fab Box - Bombay Cutting Chai

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Fun Fact: The word "chai" in hebrew means "life". This may be a random piece of information, but it truly defines what chai means to us emotionally! Nothing beats the magic of a piping hot cup of kadak, masaaledar chai on a cold winter morning.

It's even more fun when it's "cutting", a typical half cup that keeps Mumbaikars alive and running their whole busy day! Feel the traditional magic, with top quality Ginger-masala kadak chai...


Weight: 25g


Cups: 25



Why Love It?

☻ Rich in Anti-Oxidants

☻ Helps in Weight Loss

☻ Immunity Boosting Characteristics

☻ Lowers Blood Pressure

☻ Regulates Blood Sugar


This is a Vegetarian Product.

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