Dr. Vaidya's New Age Ayurveda | Livayu | Liver Protector (Pack of 2)

Rs. 400.00

The liver is called the “father organ” of the human body because it has more than 500 functions.

Functions of the liver include:

Detoxifying – eliminating toxins from the blood stream. It is also responsible for metabolising alcohol and chemical toxins.

Production of Bile – It is an alkaline liquid secreted by the liver to emulsify fats for proper digestion

Digestion and Metabolism – It helps break down complex substances such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It also aids in creation and metabolism of hormones.

Thus, liver protection is very important as liver damage can be critical. Dr. Vaidya’s Livayu combines the healing properties of multiple liver protecting herbs. It hence helps fight ailments such as liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. It also improves digestion, aids removal of toxins and helps maintain healthy skin.

Herbs such as Kutki, not only detoxifies the liver and blood, it simultaneously strengthens this vital organ while enhancing cellular growth and tissue regeneration. Kalmegh helps treat liver disorders – treats jaundice and reduces enlarged liver.


Note: We recommend a consultation with an Ayurvedic physician before consumption of these products as each body & individual is unique.


Contents: 30 Capsules x 2 Bottles


Dosage: 1 capsule before principle meals.


This is a Vegetarian Product.

Dr. Vaidya's New Age Ayurveda | Livayu | Liver Protector (Pack of 2)

Rs. 400.00
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