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When you’re on the path of realizing your dreams, ailments like migraines are the last things you should need to worry about. Migraine is characterized by persistent headaches, the intensity of which usually ranges from moderate to severe. Accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound, sometimes this ailment can make you nauseated. But not anymore, thanks to Dr. Vaidya’s Migraine Pack, which has as many as 3 Ayurvedic medicines for migraine, a headache free life isn’t too far.

Designed to last for a month, this pack comprises of Unmadvati, Shardardghna, and Amlapittavati.
Unmadvati, is a highly dependable medicine for hypertension, the components of which act as brain toners and support the tranquillity of the mind. This herbal medicine, in the form of pills, offers relief from Anxiety, Stress, Sleep Disorder & Hypertension while also acting as an effective migraine treatment in Ayurveda.

Shardardghna is the best medicine for migraines which is comprised of herbs that act as nervine tonics. Not only do these herbs help in reducing the pain in the head, but also ensure proper blood circulation. Thanks to its analgesic effect, this natural migraine relief medicine addresses both, psychological as well as somatic complaints effectively.

Amlapittavati is a reliable Ayurvedic medicine for acidity which has a soothing effect on the bowels. This herbal medicine is known to offer lasting relief from various ailments such as Acidity, Hyper Acidity, Gastritis, Chronic Peptic Ulcers, etc. 100% natural and chemical free, this Ayurvedic medication also helps reduce digestive stress, thus acting as a natural migraine relief.

Note: We recommend a consultation with an Ayurvedic physician before consumption of these products as each body & individual is unique.



Amlapittavati - 24 Pills X 3 Packs

Unmadvati - 24 Pills X 3 Packs

Shardardaghna - 24 Pills X 3 Packs



Shardardaghna & Amlapittavati – 1 pill after breakfast and dinner

Unmadvati – 1 pill after dinner


This is a Vegetarian Product.

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